Tailgator's and their Halloween Bash Was Awesome

That's Right......the title says it all.  Last night we here at Jukebox Revolver took the stage at Tailgator's and we had an absolute blast.  The crowd was energetic and amazing.  We got them dancing with in the first two songs and had them dancing the entire night.  As a group of musicians who feeds off the crowds energy, what an exhilarating experience to play gig like that.  Nick as he walked outside on break overheard a few phone calls of our now friends telling their friends to come down and see this amazing band.  We are honored by comments like that and we thank each and every one of you whom we over hear saying that, lol it strokes our egos in just the right way......just kidding about that last statement, to say the least its always pleasing and lets us know we are on the right track.  So last of all we would just like to officially thank everyone who has come out and supported us, We play for you all, and if it wasn't for a great group of people we call friends, or fans......nope we like to call everyone friends, if it wasn't for your support we wouldn't be able to play as much as we do, and we just want to express our gratitude to everyone for that. We will keep our promise of trying to learn the music you all will like so keep on asking for requests at each show so we know which songs to play you all.  See you all soon  

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