RIP to a fallen hero.

Well, we wanted to send our condolences to a local legend in the triad music community, last Thursday, local bassist and close friend of a couple members of Jukebox Revolver passed away by the name of Chris Carroll, for those of you who never heard him or missed out we apologize but for those of you who did you can see just how great a musician he was, and as Danny points out he was equally great as a person.  He was a great man in the truest sense of the word great, he embodied that word and gave a new definition of what it mean.  He was kind, everyone we meet that speaks of him talks about how he greeted them with a smile, a sincere smile whether it was your first time meeting him or your thousandth time meeting him.  He was generous and giving, and he gave more to the local music scene than few have before and doubt few will ever do in the future.  Numerous local and even not so local musicians speak about how Chris touched their lives in the past few days, and even though out heart strings are pulled every time, those of us that knew him know just how honored it is to be able to say that was my friend.  He helped aspiring musicians become professional musicians and helped professional musicians strive to be better. He had sense of humor like few before him with a contagious laugh that made all around him chuckle.  We hate to see a friend of our leave like this so sudden and abrupt, we hate that we will never hear that chuckle and laugh again, we hate that he will never lay down that sweet soulful groove he had on bass again. The corner he frequented is darker with the loss of his light, but we hope that we and others can learn from him as a person and mentor.  Maybe we can carry on his tradition of helping the up can comers like he did, maybe we can help those get to where we are or even further in the industry than us.  We hope we can make a small impact on this world, and if our impact can be even half the size of Chris' impact then our life would be a success.  RIP Chris Carroll, you will forever live on in our hearts and prayers. for his family and other friends, our hearts and prayers go out to you in this time of sadness.   

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