Our Story

     We are a four piece band that arose from the ashes of a few big bands in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, all four members come from very diverse musical backgrounds, we came together with an eclectic song list that varies from multiple generations and genres. 

      Member Daniel Skeel on Guitar and Nick Savoyski on drums are both former members of the Greensboro NC based band TCU that toured all over the state and even ventured as far south as Hilton Head, Danny Left TCU a year and a half before the TCU break-up to pursue music as a living in North Myrtle Beach joining the Marsha Morgan Band, a big beach band, and creating a now defunct band Pink Noise. Since then he returned back to the triad and teamed back up with Nick Savoyski to start a new project with bassist Wilton Hailey.

        Former Bass player Wilton Hailey was a former member of Radio Revolver, a variety band, also based out of Greensboro NC, he left Radio Revolver to join the now defunct band Berkstar, during his musical pursuit he came across Nick Savoyski and when the time was right as Danny was moving back from the beach, Nick pulled in Wilton and Danny together to form the group that we call Jukebox Revolver.  

     Jukebox Revolver gigged as three piece with Danny at the helm as they began their search for the ultimate lead vocalist.  Somewhere along the line they came across the supremely talented Mr. Antawon Ingram, who not only had an incredible voice, but also had a a stage presence like they had never seen before and the ability to engage the crowd starting the second he hits the stage. Antawon having migrated from Cincinnati Ohio, by way of Lexington Kentucky, had a tremdous musical back ground stemming from bands along the way.  

     Wilton Hailey soon got an offer to play music down in Charlotte NC and Jukebox Revolver set off to find a new bass player.  They issued an add and to their great pleasure the Multi-instrumentalist Mr. Jeff Hatley to the band on Bass.  Jeff Hatley who is originally from Charlotte embarked upon a lifelong musical career in grade school bands and orchestras on various wind instruments, and found his passion for the bass at the suggestion of friends. 

Introduction of Fred Banner 

With Jeff Hatley, vacating the position of bass, it left big shoes to fill as Jeff was a temendous player........Heeding the calling came Fred Banner, Fred too is a monster play and has a resume few around could touch. From the first note Fred played, Jukebox Revolver knew they had found their new bass player, the rest is history soon to written   

Introduction of Niia Bishop

     With the removal on Antawon Ingram, Jukebox Revolver went out on a search for new vocalist to fill the role.  Through the tumultuous of Covid 19 Jukebox Revolver stumbled on to the fantastic Talents of Niia Bishop.  With the first few notes she sang, JBR knew they had a secret weapon.  With a commanding and down to earth, approachable yet entertaining stage presence and personality, to the incredible vocal talents that litterly blew the minds off of the members, the following question "Will sing and front out band?" was met with an equally and enthusiastic yes. and with that the rest is history and a new era of Jukebox Revlver was formed.